Warranty and Return Conditions


All products on the Cherry Furniture website are under the warranty of the manufacturers, unless otherwise stated on this page.

In order for the warranty conditions to be valid, you should definitely check the product during the cargo delivery.

In case of any damage, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a report to the cargo officer.

In case of changes made on the product, deformation of the product or deterioration of the original design of the product, the product or products are out of warranty.


Return Policy

If the products on the Cherry Furniture website are found to be incorrect in the delivery of the order, you must contact our authorities within 7 working days at the latest from the delivery date.

Following this information, the faulty product that you will send to us with the cargo company will be replaced with a new one.

Return shipping charges for such defective product returns or exchanges belong to Tahtakale ToptanTicaret.com and are not reflected to the customer.

If the ordered product is faulty due to customer use or if the product has been used within 7 days, the product cannot be returned or exchanged.

In this case, as the product return and replacement conditions, the practices in accordance with the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 4077 are essential.

1. Returns must be made with the original box or packaging, the invoice issued by Cherry Furniture for the product, and a clear note stating the reason for the return.

2. The return of products that have lost their original box / packaging or resaleability and cannot be purchased by another customer are not accepted.

3. For products that may have incompatibility problems in product selection, it is strongly recommended that you place an order by receiving technical support for compatibility.

When the original packaging of this type of product is opened, it is not possible to return it.

4. If the invoice of the product you want to return has been issued by Cherry Mobilya.com, you must send the product back together with the return invoice issued by the institution.

The return invoice should be issued only as "Product Base + VAT" without including the cargo share.

Returns of orders with corporate invoices cannot be completed unless a "return invoice" is issued.

6. The returned product transactions sent by the customer are examined within 3 working days and detailed information is given to the customer about the issue.